My trip to Dallas

Dallas TX The Strip During The Day

If you are planning a trip to Dallas, then here is some information that will make it more memorable. I went on my own personal tour of the city and these were just some places we visited!

I'm sure there's plenty for everyone in your group hear - so read this first before setting out:

Hershey’s Chocolate World:

Hershey's Chocolate World is a chocolate lovers' paradise. I went there many times while staying in Dallas and each time it felt like an adventure that led to new discoveries- delicious, decadent treats! You can enjoy some of the best chocolates ever at this place - so go on your next vacation or just stop by for Diwali gifts.

Indoor Skydiving in Dallas

Indoor skydiving in Dallas is an experience I highly recommend. You can do it with friends and family or on your own, depending upon what kind of time constraints you're under - but either way this will make for one heckuvan great day!

Bowling Alley In Dallas

The best thing about this place is that you can have a lot of fun in just one dollar! It's also really great for friends and family. The staff are very friendly, I love how there’s both an adult & kids' area with lots to offer everyone - from birthday parties or late night sessions when your mom doesn't want you out too late at night- it'll keep her safer than ever before since she has somewhere safe nearby where all her children will be waiting until morninglight returns again bring home Another successful trip abroad.

Big Shot at Stratosphere Tower Dallas

Big shots at the Stratosphere Tower in Dallas, you must visit this place if your wish is to touch the sky. I went there myself and totally loved it! This also makes for a perfect family day out with kids- an ideal way of spending some quality time together while enjoying Mother Nature's beauty from her very own perspective - all laddering above our little world below them... isn't she stunning?

The prices aren’t too costly either; making sure everyone can afford such adventures (although we recommend getting on board one or two!). If going solo then take advantage of the single rider line - it'll moves pretty fast.

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