Premarital Counseling Dallas

Premarital Counseling

Our motto is that a wedding is bought, but a healthy relationship in marriage is built. Still, it remains a leap of faith!

Congratulations, it is an exciting time!

Still, amidst the planning and excitement of your matrimonies, your marriage can start taking the backseat.

Book now for your first pre-marital counseling session during this crazy time!

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It is the best thing you can do for your future marriage to build a stronger relationship and foundation. Invest in a premarital plan of action to reap all the benefits in this exciting time.

During your wedding planning, you can get a deeper understanding of relationship values and communicate effectively with tools to help you navigate through trying times in the coming years.

We know planning your wedding is not one of the simplest tasks. There are numerous expenses to consider and decisions to make. But if you think about it, your relationship needs to be number one to build a strong foundation for the future.

"Bot, Trevor, and I are so glad we went for millennial life counseling, as we were married before. We were uncertain if we would have a successful marriage, but working with the marriage counselor has cleared the air on many things. Now both of us know the marriage expectations and the idea of marriage was not such a bad thing." 

- Trevor and Bella (Dallas)

What Do The Premarital Sessions Look Like?

We are so glad you asked! Together with specialized couples therapists, you will explore your growth areas to strengths of the relationship. It is based on a couple-assessment showing us areas we need to focus on.

Partaking in these processes is helpful for:

Pre-Engaged/Dating Couples want to explore the concept of getting married to ensure the relationship experience is the same for both in a long-term relationship.

Engaged/Pre-engaged Couples heading down the aisle want to make their future marriage a success.

Premarital Counseling Benefits Dallas TX 75201

Re-married, newlyweds, and married couples that want to deepen the relationship arm themselves with skills to continue merging their lives and thinking of children.

With couple activities, you can build a long-lasting relationship to face potential relationship struggles as you will openly explore the following:

  • Communicating with each other.
  • Learn conflict resolution.
  • Look at your Finances and Financial goals.
  • Explore your marital expectations.
  • What are your relationship roles?
  • Learn about health and wellness.
  • Look at your personality dissimilarities.
  • What are the kids and parenting expectations?
  • Look at each other's spiritual beliefs to family dynamics.
  • Intimacy and sexual relationships.

In a committed relationship and sharing these values builds a stronger marriage foundation before saying I do. Contact Us at 469-663-9690 today.

Book Your Premarital Counseling Sessions Today

When you book your wedding pre-marital counseling with Marriage Counseling of Dallas, you can start your marriage life well.

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Enjoy the benefits of strengthening your relationship with the wisdom presented by an experienced therapist. In addition, you will learn about the crucial facets of having a good relationship.

Throughout the premarital process, you are equipped with tools to achieve your goals and address struggles you find. Likewise, it is a therapeutic process to help improve communication to clarity.

You can discuss difficult conversations and explore each other's deeper emotions and thoughts while learning to communicate effectively. The best part is that you understand how your partner thinks and how your thoughts process it and respond. It will help to avoid future trouble like divorce.

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