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What is Addiction?

Get help recovering from addiction today! But what is addiction, or is it a habit? Addiction can be anything a person continuously takes part in from substance abuse like medication, drugs, or alcohol.

Still, it can also be a behavioral dependence like shopping, gambling, porn, grief or dieting to exercise. These forms of addiction are known as compulsive behavior, but is there a difference between a habit and an addiction?

An addiction involves a physical/psychological component you cannot control, like taking drugs.

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In contrast, a habit involves no physical component and does not involve tolerance to withdrawal, like biting your nails.

Still, as with addiction, it reframes your mind to adjust your life without activity or substance.

"Shopping took over my life, and I started disbursing more than I could afford. Yes, this might not seem like an addiction, but it caused many problems with my credit cards. Finally, my husband sat me down and said we needed to see someone about it. So I made an appointment with Marriage Counseling Dallas, and things are slowly changing for the better." 

Janet Wayne (Dallas North)

Who Can Benefit From Dallas Addiction Counseling

  • Whether you have a substance to electronic addiction and cannot control it despite the adverse effects, addiction counseling can help.
  • If there are persistent cravings and it preoccupies life when parting with the substance or any other form of habit.
  • If the addiction develops into tolerance, a person needs more for a desired effect.
  • When not getting the substance or being able to take part in that addiction, and leading to withdrawal or other emotional symptoms.

AddictionTreatment Plan Available

The truth about addiction is that it can be from anything, and its signs vary from person to person. Marriage Counseling of Dallas has specialized therapists that treat different conditions of addiction and recovery. Depending on the addiction, we can use different methods of treatment as follow:

Addiction recovery counseling Dallas TX 75201
  • If a person is on dangerous drugs, that patient must first detox from the substance to sober up. This needs to be done under 24-hour supervision with a medical practitioner. The physician may use prescription drugs to help relieve the detox. Once the person sobers up, we can provide recovery counseling to help that person cope.
  • We also provide cognitive behavioral treatment to help a drug abuser or other person with addiction recognize and avoid the situation. Hence, they learn to cope without addiction.
  • We also advise group therapy for addiction to help patients understand the signs of addiction. At the same time, people can discuss their feelings with like-minded people in similar situations.

The Purpose of Addiction and Recovery Counseling

Getting over addictions Dallas TX 75201

With the treatment mentioned above plan, the goal is to help reduce or use the addiction. Furthermore, it helps with the removal or access to temptations of that addiction. When a person understands the mental health issues, the person develops healthy coping skills and stress management methods to cope without the addiction.

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