Marriage Counseling of Dallas – What is It?

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Marriage counseling is a form of psychiatric treatment for couples who want to try and improve their relationship. At Marriage Counseling, we help you identify your own thoughts about the marriage as well as those from your partner so that together can come up with solutions on how best move forward.

Couples therapy often starts out simply enough: One person will bring an issue they're having while another has something different going on entirely but still equally important at hand - like maybe some kind anger management issues or lack thereof? It could be anything really! And no matter what it may end up being though- whether its fixing things within oneself before turning back towards their partner again.

Who Provides Marriage Counseling?

You don't have to worry about what kind of therapy your marriage needs when you come see us. We offer individual and couples sessions so we can help both partners grow in their relationship with each other while working on the problems that arise within this crucial bond between two people who want nothing more but love for years yet know how difficult it might be sometimes just getting through day by tedious.

A licensed therapist known as a family psychologist will take care not only mental health,but also spiritual wellbeing which matters even more so in regards to marriage. They understand that being married is a big change for both partners and will help them work through any anxieties or fears related to the new relationship.

When do you need marriage counseling?

Marital counseling can be helpful for anyone who is struggling in their marriage, regardless of sexual orientation or the status. A couples therapist might help you strengthen your relationship and resolve any differences that arise before tying the knot so it will last longer than just one year! We also have premarital advice to get a better understanding about how each partner works together while they're dating (and don't forget: Have sex!)

Couples see a marriage therapist as they can help improve troubled relationships. Are you:


Having difficulty communicating with your partner?

Arguing more than you feel close?

Not spending enough time together?

Facing infidelity or other trust issues?

Dealing with the aftermath of an affair?

Experiencing financial stress?

Adjusting to a new baby or children leaving home?

Blending families after remarriage?

Do you have sexual difficulties?

Are you suffering domestic abuse?

Do you have differences on how to rare your kids?

Is your partner taking substances and abusing it?

What to expect

Imagine being in a healthy relationship where you and your partner can work together to solve problems, communicate more openly about what’s going on with each other without fear or negativity. What would that be like? It sounds incredible! But it is possible if we make sure everyone has an opportunity for success- including ourselves as well as those around us who may need guidance too.

Marriage counseling of Dallas offers an array of services to help you and your partner get through whatever it is that’s causing difficulties in your relationship. We provide a safe and supportive environment in which to explore the issues that are causing problems so that you can find new and healthier ways of relating to each other.

Take action today

The counselor will help you identify problems in your marriage and work together to solve them. You'll also learn how open communication can improve any relationship, not just ones between couples!


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